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Personal Branding & Networking Insert Pack

Personal Branding & Networking Insert Pack

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You’ve figured out what you want to do or the industry you’d like to explore but are unsure how to get yourself out there and make that first step. 


You’re feeling scared, overwhelmed and unsure where to start - we’ve all been there! You don’t have to stress alone! 


The Personal Branding and Networking insert pack is designed to help you gain clarity and confidence about who you are, what you want to be known for and how to make it happen and includes:

Product Specifications

  • 30-page A5 120gsm
  • Please note that this is the insert and does not include the Career planner case
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What's included:

  • Writing an elevator pitch map out who you are, what you do and what your ask is - perfect for your next networking event or job interview 
  • Define your personal brand: mapping out your skills, personality and what you want to be known for. 
  • Refine your personal brand: further refine your brand mapping out your content pillars and the consistent areas you want to talk about and be known for. 
  • Content calendar: a 40-day calendar for planning LinkedIn/Personal Branding posts and activities 
  • Networking event tracker: track who you meet, what company they're from and how they can help you, 
  • Industry network/contacts tracker: keep track of all of your industry contacts in one place
  • Informational interview tracker: keep track of who you’ve spoken to and what you’ve learnt