About Fairy Job Mother®

We believe everyone deserves access to GOOD career advice

Regardless of background, everyone should be equipped with the skills, mindset and resources to progress in their career and build their confidence.

Fairy Job Mother® isn’t run by careers advisors with ’30 years+’ of out-dated industry experience, or job search sites with hidden agendas. It's run by me, Shoshanna, someone that’s been in your position and knows how stressful and overwhelming navigating your career can be.

Hi I'm Shoshanna!

I founded Fairy Job Mother® in 2020 during lockdown over my frustration at the lack of GOOD and accessible career advice for young people.

A struggle I knew all too well growing up as a young female from an underrepresented background. At school/uni I found the advice given generic and a 'one size fits all' approach that didn't come from people in the industry or that had been in my position.

Leaving university was just as bad, I didn't know about things like how to negotiate a salary or how to ask for a promotion and at times struggled to get my foot in the door when others around me had family connections.

After, failing my A-Levels, nearly getting expelled from school, getting into uni through clearing AND miraculously turning things around to graduate with:

  • 4 job offers and 2+ years of industry experience under my belt
  • Landing a leadership position by my mid-twenties

I figured I'd learnt a thing or two more than most and built this platform to empower young people with the skills and resources to grow their confidence, navigate the world of work and progress in their careers.

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A few fun facts about me

  • I'm a qualified fosterer for Guide Dogs UK and foster guide dogs in training!
  • I have been featured on a billboard in Times Square.
  • I recently left my fancy well-paid corporate role to pursue Fairy Job Mother® and build Employer Branding Agency FJM Digital full-time.
  • I have really bad grades. I failed my A-Levels and got into uni through clearing. Neither of these affected my career progression at all.

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We’re your ‘one-stop’ shop for all things career advice and progression, with tonnes of resources on topics like finding your dream job, gaining a promotion, salary negotiation, building your own business and more.

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From masterclasses and stationery to one-to-one coaching, we have everything you need to set you up for confidence and career success!

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Confidence and skill-building solutions to attract and retain early career talent. Plus access to our community of 20,000+ young people.

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Career-focused, skill-building workshops to empower and engage students and graduates based on skill gaps identified by employers and real problems faced by our community.

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