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Landing A Job You Love Accelerator Package

Landing A Job You Love Accelerator Package

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Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed when it comes to your career? Do you wish you had someone to guide you, support you, and help you navigate the challenges of finding your path? 


Look no further! The Landing a Job you Love Accelerator Programme is here to empower you with the motivation and accountability to take that first step to feeling happier and more fulfilled.


This package is for you if:

  • You’re unsure of what you want to do career-wise and need practical help, guidance and accountability in figuring it out and taking that first step
  • You are considering a career-change but lack the confidence, ‘know-how’ and accountability to get started

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Programme Benefits

  • Personalised Support: Each session is crafted to your unique situation, ensuring that every coaching session addresses your specific challenges and aspirations.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Shoshanna's knowledge and insights as a careers expert, gaining valuable advice and strategies to propel your career forward.
  • Action-Oriented Approach: Receive a customized action plan designed to help you make tangible progress and take practical steps towards your goals.
  • Unlimited Support: Enjoy unlimited support via WhatsApp and Asana throughout the entire programme duration, so you never feel alone on your journey.
  • Valuable Resources: Access a comprehensive welcome pack, recordings of coaching sessions, and additional reading materials and resources to enhance your learning and growth.
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What's Included?

This 8 week-long accountability programme with Founder and Careers Expert Shoshanna includes:

  • 30 minute kick off/strategy session 
  • 4 one hour Coaching Sessions 
  • Welcome Pack, Recordings and Personalised Action Plan
  • Further Reading and Resources
  • Unlimited support via WhatsApp and Asana throughout the programme duration 

How you’ll feel at the end of the programme:

  • Empowered: Gain the confidence and self-belief to navigate your career journey with conviction.
  • Clarity: Discover a clearer sense of direction and purpose, knowing what steps to take next.
  • Motivated: Feel inspired and motivated to overcome challenges and pursue your goals.
  • Supported: Experience the ongoing support of a dedicated coach who understands your unique struggles and aspirations.
  • Equipped: Acquire valuable skills, strategies, and resources to propel your career growth long after the programme ends