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'Funemployment' Job Searching Confidence & Productivity A5 Desk Notepad

'Funemployment' Job Searching Confidence & Productivity A5 Desk Notepad

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Ready to conquer the job search process with confidence?


Our Job Searching Confidence & Productivity Desk Notepad  is here to guide you every step of the way. With comprehensive sections for prioritizing your job search, reaching out to companies, and building your network, this empowering tool ensures success in every aspect of your career journey.


Each page is infused with uplifting reminders and sections keeping you inspired and focused on your incredible potential as you navigate the job search process.


Effective time management is crucial. Our unique time-blocking section helps you allocate dedicated time for job searching, networking, skill development, and self-care. Stay organized, maintain work-life balance, and make progress toward your goals.



  • Prioritize tasks, track progress, and reach out to companies in one place.
  • Maximize productivity with effective time-blocking techniques.
  • Stay focused on goals with clear objectives and actionable steps.
  • Gain control and confidence throughout the job search journey.

Order your Job Searching & Confidence Productivity Deskpad today to conquer the job search with confidence, clarity, and unlimited potential!

Product features & specifications

  • 50-page A5
  • The page thickness is 120gsm which is perfect for writing on!
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