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Daily Productivity Planner Insert Pack

Daily Productivity Planner Insert Pack

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You’re feeling overwhelmed about the steps you need to take to progress towards your future and career. I get it! 

You know where you want to be and have an idea of the steps to get there but you need help to stay on track and hold yourself accountable. 

The Daily Productivity insert pack is designed to make you feel organised and in control. This 70-page pack will turn your planner into the ultimate productivity tool!

Product Specificiations

  • A5 120gsm
  • Please note that this is the insert and does not include the Career planner case
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What's included:

  • Daily to-do lists: organise your day and prioritise what's really important to keep you on track and hold you accountable 
  • Weekly goals and weekly overview pages: set short-term career goals and track the progress you are making towards your long-term ones 
  • Daily Win’s & Weekly brags & monthly tracking: keep track of your work contributions, network connections you’ve built and soft and hard skills. 
  • Meeting notes and general notes page: keep track of learnings from meetings, actions given to you and your thoughts at work. 
  • Pages are undated so you can use them at any time of the year