How to find a job you'll actually enjoy!

Nov 2022

Shoshanna Davis

The average person will spend 90,000+ hours at work over a lifetime. That's around 1800 hours a year, 35 hours a week and 1/3 of your life! 


Given so much of your time is spent at work, it's super important to find something you actually enjoy ... because, let's face it, life is too damn short to be waking up miserable every day!

Here's how...

Map out your strengths, interests and values: What are you good at, what do you actually enjoy, and what leaves you feeling fulfilled? 


Research: based on the strengths and interests you've mapped out, research the type of roles, companies and industries that align with these.


Listen and learn: out of the roles/industries you've identified, make a shortlist list and start exploring them in depth. That means taking online courses, watching 'day in the life' videos on YouTube, and reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn to get insight first-hand.


Get hands-on: once you've determined the industry that appeals to you most, try getting some hands-on experience to figure out if it's something you actually enjoy, whether that be shadowing, volunteering, securing an internship or creating your own experience.

And remember, whatever you decide to get hands-on with, you aren't tied down to for life! You can decide it's not for you at any point and move on to exploring the next career path!

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